A Very British Weekend Away

A British summer is a very odd thing, you can go from torrential rain to bright sunshine to tornado winds in a matter of minutes. As a true Brit i must admit that this doesn’t bother me, in fact i welcome it. So when I booked a UK beach escape  I wasn’t banking on bright blue skies, but actually bright blue skies is what we got ( 80% of the time…) and wasn’t it just magical!

I want to take you on a little adventure to East Sussex, an area of England i wasn’t all that familiar with until last weekend….


We started our weekend away in the quaint town of Rye. This medieval gem of a town is truly enchanting, the sort of cobbled streets that are so picturesque you have only ever dreamed about them before. As a Londoner I  am used to noise and hustle and bustle but in Rye there is a calm that sets over the town. You instantly feel like you have stepped right back into Tudor England and there is something quite reassuring about that, as if the past has welcomed you back and you have to embrace it.


After exploring the town, popping into the odd antique shop we settled down at the Ship Inn for Lunch. We ordered what I felt was truly fitting meal of fish and chips and Bloody Mary’s… I mean this was a British seaside escape after all! The fish and chips were good, they were baked rather than fried something I personally very much enjoyed but my boyfriend wasn’t as impressed as he was after his beer battered cod so was somewhat disappointed by the healthier option. I could not fault the Bloody Mary and would go as far as saying it was the best I have ever had….a bold statement, I know.


After a slight detour to Hastings, we arrived at our humble abode for the evening : The Gallivant hotel. For a rather unassuming hotel there was an air of sophistication, style and comfort.


Situated just off the road in the heart of Camber Sands, this chic bungalow hotel is a stylized haven. From the shrubbery to the driftwood it is easy to imagine you are in the Hampton’s at a boutique escape. This is my style, white washed floors, cosy furniture and nautical accents- this hotel couldn’t of been more me…well until i found out it was a dog friendly hotel and then it just became more me than I am myself?


Now let me talk about the food! A main part of the appeal of the hotel was the restaurant itself, it has 2AA rosettes and all the food is sourced from a 30 mile radius of the the hotel, even the wine list adheres to these rules.

Being by the sea I opted for a crab starter and a trout main course. Both were exceptionally fresh and whilst somewhat simple dishes they were elegant and thoughtful.

Seeing as this was a birthday weekend away we were too lazy to make it too breakfast, instead opting for massages in the beach hut ( not quite on the beach but certainly beach vibes all around). But not to worry we made it to lunch which was actually a package deal, for £40 you received a 30 minute treatment and a 2 course set menu. Unfortunately I couldn’t eat the starter as it was covered in cream ( I am lactose-free) but the delicious squid main and a glass of locally sourced wine were enough to keep me smiling.



Best of all the hotel was only a stones throw away from Camber Sands, a picturesque sandy beach with an expansive shoreline and wonderful sand dunes. No matter what the weather turns out to be this is a special part of England, a landscape that makes you stop and breathe in the natural delight. I truly loved it here and i can’t wait until my next visit.





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